Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stir Fry Pumpkin

This is one of my favourite recipe from mommy's kitchen.

1/2 Medium Pumpkin - sliced
2 - 3 tbsp of cooking oil
3 Garlic - minced
3 tbsp dried shrimps - rinsed and soaked for 5 minutes
Oyster sauce - to taste
Soya sauce - to taste (optional)
1 - 2 tsp of sugar (optional)
2 - 3 tbsp of  water

1) Heat wok with oil over medium fire. Add garlic and dried shrimps, stir fry till fragrant.
2) Add in pumpkin slices and fry. Drizzle water along the side of the wok. Lower heat when wok sizzles, and simmer pumpkin with lid on, for about 2 minutes or until pumpkin cubes are semi-softened. Stir fry occasionally to avoid sticking.
3) Remove lid from wok, add in oyster sauce and/or (soya sauce/sugar). Stir fry to combine. Add a little bit more water if you find it too dry.
4) Continue simmering for 2-3 minutes till pumpkin is completely softened. Stir fry a little to combine well.
5) Serve best with rice

*note: i did not add in any sugar as i prefer the natural sweet taste from the pumpkin

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